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42,78 EUR*
Details When Insurers Go Bust: An Economic Analysis of the Role and Design of Prudential Regulation

In the 1990s, large insurance companies failed in virtually every major market, prompting a fierce and ongoing debate about how to better protect policyholders. Drawing lessons from the failures of four insurance companies, "When Insurers Go Bust" ...

28,49 EUR*
Details Realistic Strategies for Real Estate Investing: Embrace These Ideas and Concepts to Insure Your Success in Today's Real Estate Environment

Realistic Strategies for Real Estate Investing Finally, some practical information on what happens after the property has been acquired. Some of the topics covered: [ Cash Flows in Both Directions [ Real Truth Behind No Money Down Deals [ Realities of ...

26,00 EUR*
Details GOLDBLATT INDUSTRIES LLC - Lightweight Magnesium Hand Float

Light Weight, Extruded, Magnesium Hand Float, Is Great For Smoothing Poured Concrete Surfaces, Soft-Grip Ergonomic Handle Insures Comfort During Use.

7,94 EUR*
Details Doppel-Maulschlüssel, 17 x 19 mm, silberfarben

DESCRIPTION:THIS Open End Wrench Works great and Combo Größen 17 mm x 19 mmMetric Wrench Made From Drop Forged heat-treated Carbon SteelChrome plated insures Extended Life and provides Lifetime corrosion resistanceSatin Handle provides Greater Comfort ...

10,42 EUR*
Details Basix Birke Crochet Hooksize 7 mm

Knitter's Pride-Basix Birch Crochet Hook. Basix birch crochet hooks are lightweight, strong and have grooves to prevent stitches from slipping. The polished surface insures an effortless glide making hooks great for every type of material. The package ...

29,20 EUR*
Details 1878 Österreichische Rebellen Bussovacz Besetzungs-Bosnien-Schloss Serajevo Uhlans

Antiker Druck von 1878 Österreicher-Besetzungs-Bosnien-Schloss Serajevo Uhlans Insur... Antique Print of 1878 Austrian Occupation Bosnia Castle Serajevo Uhlans Insurgents Bussovacz 1878 Austrian Occupation Bosnia Castle Serajevo Uhlans Insurgents ...

7,03 EUR*
Details National Geographic Readers: Creepy Crawly Collection

National Geographic Readers Little kids love knowing what's right in their backyard, so ants, frogs, snakes, and bats are often the first animals they watch and study. In this book, information is accompanied by photographs to insure that kids' ...

7,41 EUR*
Details C & S EZ Fill Suet Korb

Easy fill design;Baskets are also designed to be easy on wild bird feet the vinyl coating insures that feet will not freeze to the basket in winter and will not roast in summer;Plastic coated black wire basket with chain hanger

9,24 EUR*
Details Dreamz Tunisian Crochet W/Interchangeable Head-Size 7/4.5mm

Knitter's Pride-Dreamz Tunisian Crochet With Interchangeable Head. Dreamz crochet hooks are crafted by skill artisans in lightweight, and strong wood. Polished surface insures an effortless glide and works with every type of material. The smooth join ...

61,63 EUR*
Details Yamazaki Signature Salt And Pepper Set by Yamazaki

The Yamazaki Signature line products are all artistically crafted in 18/10 Stainless Steel.;This piece is designed as a sculptural object with elegant simplicity and functional artistry.;Each piece is inspected to insure only thefinest quality is ...

4,20 EUR*
Details Resin Jewelry Mold 6.5"X7"-Cabachons - 16 Cavity

YALEY-Resin Jewelry Molds are made of heavyweight plastic to insure the ability to create one of a kind pieces of jewelry using resin products. The molds are reusable and are available in assorted sizes and shapes (each sold separately). Product is ...

8,35 EUR*
Details The best Little Secret Are Kept

LOUIS XIV The Best Little Secrets Are Kept (2005 UK 10-track CD from the San-Diego based band whose rapier wit and gift for killer hooks insure their place in the hierarchy of modern rock n roll including the singles God Killed The Queen & Finding Out ...

9,76 EUR*
Details WHEDON PRODUCTS - Swivel Shower Arm Mounting Bracket, White

White, Swivel Shower Arm Mounting Bracket, For Hands Free Use Of Hand Held Showers, Installs Easily On Any Standard Shower Arm & Works With Most Hand Shower Systems, Uses Conical Hose Nut Design, Rubber Gripper Insures Good Hold In Bracket, ABS Plastic, 1

61,36 EUR*
Details Beka 13245244 Grossraumpfanne antihaft mit Deckel 24cm, Chef eco-logic 100%

Winner of the 2009 Design Plus Award, the Beka Chef Eco-logic 100-percent range is versatile and meets the most rigorous quality, design and technology standards;Patented Bekadura Ceramica coating insures that no harmful gases or toxins are released ...

10,80 EUR*
Details WHEDON PRODUCTS - Handheld Shower Bracket, Chrome-Plated Plastic

3 Position, Chrome Plated Plastic, Wall Bracket For Use With A Hand Shower System, Provides Three Different Angles For Shower Spray To Insure Best Angle For User To Use Hand Shower Hands Free, Installs On Shower Wall With Screws & Anchors Or Double Faced

4,79 EUR*
Details Hubbell-Raco 8975-1 Ground Clamp 14/10 AWG Wire by HubbellRaco

Each clip is intended for use with only one solid ground wire;Steel construction insures durability;The product is UL Listed. for your safety and peace of mind;One-piece design allows for quick and easy installation

15,35 EUR*
Details Jack Richeson 8–1/2-inch-by-11-inch Zeichenpapier Pad, 150-sheet Spirale

Acid free sheets;75-pound/120 gsm sheet weight;Toothy white surface suitable for pen, pencil, pastel, paint, and marker;Plastic spiral insures sheets do not prematurely tear from your sketchbook;Sturdy chipboard back

14,91 EUR*
Details Goldblatt G01248 Aluminum Line Stretchers by Goldblatt

Used To Stretch Line Across Face Of Brick Or Block Wall To Insure Level & Even Wall Construction;This product is highly durable;This product is made in China;Works on blocks from 4-Inch to 12-Inch;Loosen wing nut and move bolt to change size;Made of ...

58,46 EUR*
Details Vollrath 47141 Disher, with Agion-Nature'S Antimicrobial Built In, Size 10

Disher has a molded one-piece handle that improves durability, makes cleaning easy and prevents handle from coming apart;Stainless steel bowl and components to prevent corrosion and insure longer life;Color-coded ivory handle for no-guess size ...

5,57 EUR*
Details Plus Glue Tape Roller-TG-726 Pink 1/4" Wide

GUARDSTAMP ID-Plus Glue Tape Roller. This glue tape is perfect for detailed gluing. The flexible head insures that the tape adheres firmly to the paper and honeycomb-dot pattern of the tape provides a clean cut. The pen-like shape fits comfortably in ...

21,97 EUR*
Details National Hardware V841 6 Ornamental/Reversible T-Hinge by Stanley

The product is 6 Black Orn Rev T-Hinge;Heavy Duty For Extra Strength;The product is manufactured in China;Ideal for use on out swinging gates and doors;Durable Black complements a variety of applications;Heavy gauge steel insures long wearing service ...

12,62 EUR*
Details Brasscraft 192B 1-1/4 O.D. by 1-1/2 -Inch Waste Connector, Chrome by BrassCraft

Manufactured in china;Easy to use;Highly durable;Uniform wall thickness; no variations in wall thickness, close dimensional tolerances assured;Better threads; uniform cleaner threads insure positive threaded connections, less chance of cross-threading ...

4,54 EUR*
Details Gardner Bender 10-pc2 Schiebemechanismus Anschluss, 2-Port, massiv, 22–12 AWG, rot, 19-PC4

4-port insure connector. In-Sure wire connector. Features include no twist connection, low insertion force for fast, easy application. Accepts solid and many stranded wire combinations. Clear shell makes connection easy to inspect. Rated to 600V ...

16,78 EUR*
Details FISCH Holzspiralbohrer Länge 117 mm Bohrer Durchmesser 8 mm, 1 Stück,1200800

Optimized spurs insure fast and easy cutting of the wood fibers before the hole is drilled;Beveled edge leads to a perfect drilling of the diameter without any deviation;For use in soft, hard, exotic, veneered and laminated wood as well as MDF and ...

14,79 EUR*
Details The Dark Arts of Immortality: Transformation through War, Sex, & Magic

The Dark Arts of Immortality If you had the power within your reach to insure your own immortality, would you risk all to grasp it? Think about it. No longer would you plead for the mercy of others. No longer would you bow to invisible masters. No ...

26,00 EUR*
Details WORLD MARKETING FA1000 Forced Air Rotor Kit-1/2" DH KERO F-AIR ROTOR

1/2" dh kero f-air rotor. 1/2 rotor fits all DuraHeat kerosene forced air models below 200,000 BTU. Includes carbon rotor, 4 blades, and insert. We recommend replacement annually to insure optimum performance. Rotor Size: 1/2", Model Compatibility ...